COLEGIO VERDEE 绿色学校,西班牙 / Studio Huma


The site belongs to the partial Plan “Los Cachimanes” in the town of Roldán (Torre-Pacheco). This is a residential complex in the outskirts of the town, including some public schools.

The site poses some initial slopes. It was necessary to take into account the possibility of fillers in different areas of the site, to create a topography as horizontal as possible.

The morphology of the site allows us to develop the whole school in one level. The limit of the school is the building itself, creating a vacuum inside, bounded to serve as a playground for children, isolation from the madding crowd.

The school generate tensions, breaks the monotony and gives it expression, completely wrapped in a green carpet of artificial turf, creating a changing, distinctive and rich shape.

From exterior to interior spaces of games set in range of different treatments as the most private public by a way of filters.

The playground is the child’s inner world, structured through the different “fingers”, as a step to generate various entrances and shade areas, understood as a continuation of the school itself.

Decisions have been a continuous flow under the principle “Wu Wei” of “no action”, and the school grows as naturally as the sun rises. The result is a green living organ, which provides context for children to develop their abilities and enjoy, in a green frame in contact with Mother Nature.

This work supports our human architectural philosophy of build over the fact that in the experience of architecture, beyond “the wise play of sloping-green-volumes under the light”, you hear the echo of children playing. And that echo feeds and gratified us, feeling once again that through the architecture we create healthy environments for life.

这个公立小学校位于西班牙托雷镇郊外的Los Cachimanes。场地是一个斜坡,建筑师将其改造的较为平整。场地开阔,建筑师创造了一个整体的学校和操场,将孩子们与外界隔离。并给学校建筑包裹上一层人造的绿色草皮,创造出一个变化多端,独特和丰富体型的学校。从室内到室外有各种不同的空间可供玩耍。游乐场是孩子们的自我世界,通过不同的指状结构,划分出不同的区域,有不同的入口和遮阳区,也可以理解为学校建筑本身的延续。


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