Paper Title Author Resource Type

Eco-Renovation of Wenyuan-Building,Tongji University –case study

of Preserved Building Renovation with New Energy Efficient Concept

WU Zhiqiang, etc. 2007(6) University
People- oriented Cultural Landscape Design of College Campus SHI Tiemao, etc. 2010(2) University

Educational Function of Landscape in the Construction of Campus


SHI Tiemao, etc. 2009(4) University

The Integration of Environment, Situation and Conception —On the

Planning Design of the New Campus of Fuyang Teachers College

WU Yongfa, etc. 2004(2) University



LV Bin 2002(5) University
The practice of sustainable development in primary school design WANG Chongjie, etc. 2009(2) Primary School
Pilot Resource-conserving Campus——Shandong Jianzhu University WANG Chongjie 2009(10) University

Eco Design and Practice of Students’ dormitory in cold climate

zone-case study of Students’ dormitory in Shandong Jianzhu University

WANG Chongjie, etc. 2009(11) University

The Design of the Sunshine Room Model’s Student Flat- Heating

of Solar Energy Used in Building

WANG Chongjie, etc. 2004(4) University
Heating of Solar Energy-case study of a primary school in countryside WANG Chongjie 1988(4) Primary School
New Campus of Central Institute of Art LI Dexiang 2007(3) University
Low-energy consumption building of Tsinghua University Dexiang 2005(9) University
Energy Management System of Higher Education Campus TAN Hongwei, 2010(2) University
Pilot Resource-conserving Campus——Tongji University TAN Hongwei, 2009(10) University
Research on Building Campus Energy Management TAN Hongwei, etc. 2010(1) University

Energy saving by management, technologies and behaviors

——Management &Technical Guidelines on Resource-conserving Campus

TAN Hongwei, 2008(15) University


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